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Handcrafting our footwear not only ensures we can build your shoe styles with high-quality materials and traditional construction techniques by highly skilled workers who have always been passionate about it, but it also gives you the opportunity to customise your boots, and shoes that are completely fit for you. You can measure your own foot by following the instructions given below.

If you require our own designer to measure your foot, it will be an extra cost of 260 USD. This offer is only for within the United Kingdom and Canada.

How to measure your feet:

1. The best time to measure is the afternoon or evening.  If you measure your feet in the morning, they will be smaller, which would give you the wrong size.

2. Choose a flat and firm surface to stand on. DO NOT measure on soft surfaces.

3. Measure your feet wearing thin socks unless you plan to wear the shoes barefoot.
4. The best position for accurate measurements is standing.  It will be easier if you have someone present to trace your foot for you.

6. Measure both feet accurately in millimetres and record your measurements into the table given.
7. Measure the longest distance from the heel to the tip of your big toe with a ruler in mm. See photograph 2 

Measure your Feet

Put your foot on a piece of paper and draw the outline of your foot with a thin pen, keeping the pen straight. For more clarity, please see photograph 1-D and Photograph 2.

Girth measurements: (measurement record in millimetre)

- Ball girth/width measurement
Using household tape measure the widest part of each foot. Tape measures should be placed behind the little toe and over the joint of the big toe. For more clarity, please see photograph 1-A and photograph 2

- Instep Girth Measure

The instep has great significance for how a shoe fit. The instep is the upper part of the foot which is between the ball girth and the leg. One can for convenience call the area under the laces of a common lace-up shoe the instep.
The girth measurement of a foot is taken at the middle of the waist through the instep. For more clarity, please see photograph 1-B.

- Heel Girth Measurement
The girth measurement around the tip of the back of the heel and the middle of the curve of the foot (where the leg joins with the foot). For more clarity, please see photographs 1-C